Mike and his office helped me out at a turning point in my life. I made some mistakes that could’ve landed me in prison for a long time. Mike was able to get irrelevant details omitted from the case and as a result, the case was resolved in the best possible manner. Mike was prompt, his staff was helpful and knowledgeable. He always returned calls, personally, and made sure I was briefed on every step of my case. He is the best in Tucson, no need to look any further.



I feel like true justice was achieved and the system worked. Mike has a sincere passion for his clients best interest. My legal rights were well represented by the MJB crew.



I hired Michael Bloom at a point in my life when I was spiraling out of control. I was facing 14 years in prison for two aggravated DUIs and other offenses. He was able to get many of the charges dropped, significantly reducing my prison sentence by 6 years. This is despite a backdrop of an extensive criminal history. I have been out of prison since 2019 and I feel that Mike has given me my life back. I’m 8 years sober, I’m back to running my businesses, and I’m establishing better relationships with my family.



I cannot speak highly enough of Michael and his firm. I got myself into some real trouble, requiring swift action and a savvy knowledge of Arizona law. With my head spinning, I was lucky enough to find Mr. Bloom in my moment of need; and though encumbered with a heavy case-load, he empathized with my position, as did his office, and all worked tirelessly on my behalf, and to an incredibly positive result. Throughout the process, nothing but amazingly quick response and professionalism from all. He was also able to repetitively calm this 50-yr-old man back down to a level of peace and hope, and was instrumental in keeping me out of the hospital with a aneurism from the resulting stress of this episode in my life. Nothing more to offer, than one of the biggest “Thank you!”s of my life!

Anonymous E

My wife and I want to personally thank your firm for defending our son on the criminal charges that he faced recently. Your complete understanding of the case, your guidance on how we proceeded, and the artful defense in managing through the complexities of the law, were instrumental in getting the fairest treatment by the AZ Superior Court. We were treated with the utmost respect and honesty during our dealings to protect our son and our interests throughout our four-month process. Both you and Maria are a great team, and we really appreciate your handling of our case.


Bob S.

Mike Bloom is one of the most effective , and best advocates I know. He is totally committed to helping his clients. He is one of the attorneys in my entire 22 year career who I respect the most.

Michael Harwin

Mike brilliantly represented me in a case recently where I was sued by the Sherriff’s department; we were victorious in litigation and he was awarded attorney’s fees. For the past 20 years, I have known Mike to be a dedicated advocate for his clients and a true professional in his field.


Mike and his office staff were terrific. Our family came to him based on a referral and we couldn’t be happier with his representation from start to finish. He was completely responsive to all of our questions and concerns. Mike always kept us up to date and even in his absence, he always made certain that Maria (his assistant) kept us fully informed. (more…)


As a young adult I made some mistakes, as young adults are prone to doing. I was charged with 2 DUIs before my 21st birthday and was looking at facing the remainder of my life as a felon. It definitely wasn’t the ideal situation for someone yet to begin their career. With Michael’s expertise and help I was able to agree to a deal in which I would get placed on probation and with successful rehabilitation and treatment get the felony knocked down to a misdemeanor. (more…)

Edward D.

Several years ago I was on my way to work when I was pulled over and arrested for a heinous crime. I learned that the state of Arizona filed numerous charges against me (65+ years imprisonment) for child molestation, a crime I did not commit. While I sat in jail I believed my career, home and everything I had ever worked for, including my life, was over. (more…)