If you have been charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter or vehicular assault, the consequences can range from decades in prison to probation. Don’t take a chance with your freedom and your future. Call Michael J. Bloom in Tucson, Arizona. I have taught lawyers throughout the state the art and science of defending these cases. I am one of only a few Tucson DUI/DWI attorneys listed in Best Lawyers in America.

Nowhere are injustices more likely to occur in our legal system than in connection with the prosecution of DUI/DWI and vehicular offenses. Years of lobbying by MADD and prosecutorial agencies have created a hodgepodge of drastic consequences that can accompany driving offenses.

The Charges

What was once viewed as a tragic accident might now be charged as vehicular homicide (manslaughter) or even second-degree murder. These have become the most serious charges in Arizona after first-degree murder.

The Investigation

With the stakes so high, you need a vehicular homicide defense lawyer, a law firm, and a team of experts to review all the evidence including the accident scene, videotapes, test results and witness accounts. Michael J. Bloom can bring the team you need to your defense.

The Science of DUI

The last 20 years have seen a virtual revolution in the investigation of DUI and vehicular homicide cases. The federal government has sponsored studies that have given rise to supposedly “scientifically validated” field sobriety tests. Additionally, governmental entities now analyze a variety of bodily substances to supposedly achieve “scientifically irrefutable” evidence of guilt. The truth is that much of this “science” has no more validity than an ouija board.

For over 35 years, I have been combating bogus science to achieve justice for my clients.  I was one of the principle attorneys leading a challenge to a breath testing device put in use by the Tucson Police Department, the RBT-IV.  During that challenge, we discovered irrefutable evidence that suggested that the breath testing device simply did not work.  In March of 1997, the Tucson Police Department announced that it was withdrawing all  RBT-IVs from service.  As a result, 14,000 breath tests were invalidated and ruled inadmissible in court.

Negotiations and Trial

I am attorney Michael J. Bloom, and I have studied and litigated DUI and related charges for over 35 years. I have taught lawyers throughout the State the art and science of defending these cases. I am the ONLY Tucson DWI/DUI attorney listed in Best Lawyers in America. I know how to challenge evidence, negotiate lesser charges and fight in a courtroom on behalf of my clients.

When the stakes are high, when your freedom and reputation are at risk, when you want a thoroughly experienced advocate representing you before the prosecutor, judge and jury, contact me. Michael J. Bloom.