I provide the best defense representation possible in every case I take. My philosophy is the result of experience and the recognition of certain basic facts. My philosophy derives from these basic facts:

  • Being charged with a criminal offense constitutes one of the most serious problems most people will ever face. The possible consequences can include imprisonment, fines, forfeitures, loss of career, loss of educational opportunities and the loss of an individual’s cherished reputation in the community.
  • In criminal cases, an individual is defending the lawsuit — a lawsuit prosecuted by the government. The resources that the government can focus against an individual are enormous — and, in high-profile cases, virtually limitless.
  • The tremendous media attention and public emotion surrounding criminal prosecutions only serve to increase the potential for miscarriages of justice.
  • Despite a widespread belief to the contrary, there typically is no way to “fix” a mishandled criminal defense. As a result of over 35 years of conservative appointments to appellate courts throughout America, it has become more difficult to “undo” a mishandled case on appeal. Criminal defense must be done right the first time to be truly successful.

“A successful defense can never be the result of an assembly-line approach. Each client’s situation is unique and I take the time to understand and appreciate their circumstances.” — Michael Bloom, defense attorney