If you have been charged with aggravated assault, you need to know that your freedom is at stake. Typically, convictions for these offenses carry lengthy mandatory prison sentences. When you come to my law firm, I develop a unique defense strategy for each client I represent because I understand that the circumstances are never the same from one case to another.

Shootings and Stabbings

When a knife, gun, a vehicle or any other weapon is used in an assault and if there are serious injuries, a conviction for aggravated assault can result in a mandatory prison sentence. Do not try to explain yourself to the police or prosecution before consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The Investigation

At my law firm, I go beyond the police investigation. I know from experience that witnesses and the evidence in a violent crime often contradict the prosecutor’s version of what happened. I use independent investigators, criminologists, and other experts to develop my own theory of the case and gather evidence to support that theory.

Your Defense Team

When you come to me for help, your case will always be handled by me, attorney Michael J. Bloom. You will never be handed off to some junior attorney or inexperienced associate. Your defense team will also include our caring staff and outside experts that I use to prove your defense.

Negotiations and Trial

Working with you, I will develop a defense strategy. The strategy has to be based on the individual factors in your case, including the facts of the case, the background of the witnesses, and the legal issues involved. While no one “likes” plea-bargaining, it is a reality of our legal system. Our evaluation of the case will involve a discussion of the possibility of a plea agreement. The choice will, of course, be yours, and the goal will be your best interest.

When the stakes are high, when your freedom and reputation are at risk, when you want a thoroughly experienced advocate representing you before the prosecutor, judge, and jury.