My goal is to provide the absolute best representation possible.

If there is a witness or evidence in Antarctica that will help your case, I will find that witness or evidence.

Individualized Representation

As I developed my practice, I began hiring attorneys, paralegals and staff to help me. No matter how competent the people that I hired, I found myself dissatisfied with this style of practice. Clients felt more comfortable if they had one attorney handling their case from start to finish. So I made a career choice.…

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The Attorney-Client Relationship and Your Role

Another aspect of my philosophy that I explain to every client at the start of the case is my view of the Attorney-Client Relationship. I believe it is essential that the client actively participate in the preparation of the defense of his or her case. I tell new clients that if I am going to…

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The Price

Delivering outstanding criminal defense services is a demanding task. It is necessary for me to charge accordingly. I will, however, ensure that you will not incur unknown additional expense. I will provide you with written fee agreement, in advance, letting you know exactly what the fees will be in the case. There is never a…

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Why you should choose me

I was a Pima County Public Defender from 1977 until 1983 and have been in private practice defending criminal cases since 1983. My practice includes all phases of criminal defense, including homicide, sex offenses, narcotics, DUI and vehicular offenses. I have handled numerous high profile offenses in southern Arizona.


I have over 35 years of experience practicing Criminal Defense. I have defended multiple high profile cases and significantly reduced my clients penalties in the process.


I tell each and every client that we are like two people in a row boat in the middle of the ocean in a bad storm. We have to work together.


  • Listed The Best Lawyers in America since 2000 as well as Southwest Super Lawyers
  • 1994 Trial Lawyer of the Year for the American Trial Lawyers for Public Justice

Free Consultation

There is never a charge for an initial consultation and fee quote. I am proud to say that in over 30 years of private practice, I have never had a dispute with a client over a fee.

My Practice Areas

You face the limitless influence and resources the government can use against you. Contrary to public opinion, appeals and post-conviction relief are usually inadequate to “fix” an injustice. Criminal defense is simply one of those things that must be done right the first time.

My approach to criminal defense is based upon a recognition of one essential fact – NOTHING is more important in your life than defending your criminal case – protecting your reputation, your assets and your freedom. When your freedom is at stake, you simply must have an attorney that will commit totally to your defense. I will vigorously assert and defend your rights. We have an outstanding reputation built on years of experience. I am the only attorney at my law firm, and I am backed by a strong staff and a network of experts. You will never be handed off to an associate or junior attorney at my office; you will have my personal attention from your first consultation all the way through to the resolution of your case. We have handled thousands of state and federal courts.

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