Drug crimes often involve complex legal challenges and arguments. At my law firm, I will put together the best defense possible based on the charges, the evidence and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. At your free initial consultation, I will discuss a number of aspects of your arrest and defense including:

The Charges

Changes in both federal and state law over the last 20 years have resulted in draconian penalties for drug offenses. Regardless of whether the offense is labeled possession, possession for sale, conspiracy or money laundering, you face a lengthy prison sentence.

Challenging the Evidence

How did the government obtain the evidence against you? Is there is any question of improper search and seizure? Were any of your other constitutional rights violated? If so, I can move to have the evidence suppressed, which may even lead to a dismissal of the charges against you.

The Defense

At my law firm, I will always be your attorney; you will not be handed off to some associate or junior attorney. You will, however, have a defense team made up of an experienced attorney, caring staff and any necessary investigators and experts.


As a criminal defense lawyer, my goal is always to achieve the best result possible in your case. While a dismissal of the charges or an acquittal at trial is always the first choice, it is sometimes necessary to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce the charges and a lesser sentence. Those negotiations are frequently a critical part of representation, especially in drug cases. Because I enjoy the respect of the legal community, and have years of experience, I have consistently been able to negotiate the best results possible for my clients. The decision of whether or not to accept a plea bargain is, of course, one that only you can make. Nevertheless, I will assist you in the negotiations and together, we will make the best decision possible.


If your case goes to trial, you can count on me to present an effective and aggressive criminal defense to the judge and jury.

If you are charged with a narcotics offense, you face lengthy mandatory prison sentences. Talk to me, Michael J. Bloom, an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Tucson, Arizona.