Several years ago I was on my way to work when I was pulled over and arrested for a heinous crime. I learned that the state of Arizona filed numerous charges against me (65+ years imprisonment) for child molestation, a crime I did not commit. While I sat in jail I believed my career, home and everything I had ever worked for, including my life, was over.

Although terrified, I was fortunate enough to interview several attorneys over the phone looking for someone who could defend my case. Within several hours Michael Bloom made a personal visit to me in jail. Within days I was released on bond and a new journey began.
For the next 16 months Michael Bloom worked diligently on my case. Because of the complexity of the case, I was worried he may not be able to understand or be able to explain the circumstances leading up to the accusations made against me. Michael Bloom always promised me “No stone would go unturned” and that every shred of information would be understood. During this process, I felt despised by the courts, prosecutor and judge. I needed someone on my side who could thwart their power and exert his own. He did just that! Michael Bloom is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and VERY respected in the courtroom. Michael Bloom accompanied me to every court appearance allowing me to feel safe and maintain my self dignity.
In the end, Michael Bloom used his lifelong experience understanding what had happened in my case. Michael Bloom created an extensive timeline of events covering several years of my life and used it in conjunction with depositions made from witnesses, expert witnesses, police officers, doctors, lawyers and counselors to uncover the actual motive for the child molestation accusations which wasn’t even apparent to me at the time. Staying true to his word he left no stone unturned and knew my case inside and out. Although never showing his hand to the prosecutor, he personally led them to the truth so that they could see for themselves what had actually happened and in turn, the charges were dropped and I avoided trial.

This man is not only my hero but a personal savior to me. Michael Bloom preserved my career, home and saved my life. This was a very personal experience for me.

If you are in trouble of any kind, complexity or magnitude, you need a representative to be your voice. The courts will not favor you at any time, trust me. Michael Bloom will level the playing field and I believe he IS your advantage.