When it is a crime centered on money or administrative issues, people often assume that the penalty cannot be very harsh. Not true. Conviction on a fraud charge or embezzlement can result in prison time.

Fraud Charges

Bank fraud, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, Social Security fraud, and other types of fraud usually involve making false statements to obtain some sort of payment. What sort of evidence does the government have to prove its case? Is that evidence admissible in court? Is restitution an option in exchange for dropping charges?


Stealing from an employer is considered embezzlement regardless of whether it involves taking a few dollars from the cash register or millions from the company’s accounts. What is the evidence that led law enforcement to charge you? Was there a computer error that led to the conflicting amounts of money? Call me today to discuss your embezzlement charges.

The Defense You Need

A successful defense against white-collar crime requires a defense lawyer who gives attention to detail and who can meet challenging legal situations with aggressive, creative strategies.

If you have been accused of a non-violent crime, do not make the mistake of trying to talk your way out of it. Federal and state investigators can take what you say and use it against you. Make sure you consult with me, Michael J. Bloom, an experienced fraud defense attorney before giving a statement to police or the prosecution.