As a young adult I made some mistakes, as young adults are prone to doing. I was charged with 2 DUIs before my 21st birthday and was looking at facing the remainder of my life as a felon. It definitely wasn’t the ideal situation for someone yet to begin their career. With Michael’s expertise and help I was able to agree to a deal in which I would get placed on probation and with successful rehabilitation and treatment get the felony knocked down to a misdemeanor. Fast forward to today I am almost 2 years sober, I have a fantastic job, I’m driving again, and my paperwork is currently being processed for release from probation. What’s more than that is throughout the whole process Michael and his staff were truly there for me. They answered every question I’ve had and treated me professionally and respectfully 100% of the time. I would steer anyone going through similar issues to get help from Michael J. Bloom.