Homicide prosecutions are the most serious cases in our legal system. They are handled differently by the prosecution. The State makes use of its limitless resources and influence to pursue the most severe conviction possible. The public is only now learning of the terrible miscarriages of justice in our legal system, obtained through the use of testimony obtained through “deals” with co-defendants and other witnesses, and dubious scientific evidence.

I have been representing citizens charged with homicide for over 35 years and have handled over 100 homicide cases.

The Investigation

The investigation of a homicide case has to be absolutely thorough. There is typically no way to “undo” a miscarriage of justice and wrongful conviction. To guard against that, it is imperative that every conceivable investigative step be taken. The investigation is necessarily expensive and time consuming. But only through such an investigation can miscarriages of justice be avoided.

Your Defense Lawyer

I will get to know you well and he will learn every fact and detail of your case. With over 35 years of experience and an extensive knowledge of defense strategy and Arizona and federal criminal law, I am prepared for even the most complex cases.

This is Your Life

What happens during pre-trial, investigation, negotiations, legal motions and the trial have a profound effect on how you will spend the rest of your life. It is important that you find a lawyer you can trust with this huge responsibility. I am one of only a handful of attorneys in Tucson listed in Best Lawyers in America and Southwest Super Lawyers who handle homicide cases.

When you come to my law firm, you will work directly with me, attorney Michael Bloom, a lawyer with over 35 years of criminal defense trial experience. Your case will not be handed off to some junior attorney or inexperienced associate. You will have my complete, personalized attention throughout your case.